The CFS recovery story you don't want, but need to hear - W/ Sandra Chatwin

Healing Differently - Release CFS by Daniel van Loosbroek

Episode notes

This is probably not the recovery story people want to hear, but I think it is definitely one that needs to be heard. What is healing actually? Sandra tells a beautiful story about giving up on healing and falling in the internal darkness to fall in the eye of the storm.

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0:55 Introduction – the second time with CFS

07:05 Discovering the hidden message behind the program and having a breakthrough

11:05 Unhealing – falling into the inner darkness

12:37 Sandra’s favourite way to crash

15:00 A whole different dimension to healing – dealing with loss

17:34 The inability to be whole and sit with feelings 21:15 The pain inside of us

25:29 It’s constant work to be with yourself

27:49 Not applying the same level of madness to healing

32:53 We don’t nee ... 

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