Lahari's full ME/CFS recovery story with the Release Program

Healing Differently - Release CFS by Daniel van Loosbroek

Episode notes

Lahari shares in her recovery story how she recovered from severe CFS by doing the inner-work from the Alignment Program.

00:00 intro

03:30 How did Lahari’s life looked like a year ago?

05:32 What does she think was the reason she developed CFS?

09:13 Its ought to get worse before things will improve

12:37 A very big part of her recovery was the awareness of her coping mechanisms

20:30 Being brutally honest with yourself & authenticity

24:45 Embodying fear, the underlying emotion

31:40 Inner child / parts work – re-parenting yourself with shadow work

41:09 How did the inner work caused her to feel better and improve fundamentally?

45:45 How does Lahari’s life looks like right now?

49:43 Don’t put the same pressure on healing as what you got you in this position in the first pla ... 

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shadow work