Why and how meditation helps with a chronic disease? W/ Sam Wysock - Soma Meditation

Healing Differently - Release CFS by Daniel van Loosbroek

Episode notes

I often get the remark that people who suffer with a chronic disease can't or find it hard to meditate. Sam from Soma Mediation used to have a chronic disease as well (ME/CFS). He tells us how meditation transformed his life and how his work as a Vedic Meditation teacher (TM) is helping people to learn meditation.


00:00 Intro

01:37 Internal pressures and commonalities we experienced prior to developing ME/CFS

05:58 Traveling and healing in a stressful environment

13:20 Meditation with a chronic disease, WHY?

25:35 Taking out the trash - stress release and healing in ups and downs

31:53 Virtually no limit to meditation?

39:42 Why do we want things in life vs doing the work. A straight connection to happiness

47:35 Sam's servives as a meditation teacher.

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