Levels of consciousness vs health

Healing Differently - Release CFS by Daniel van Loosbroek

Episode notes

This is my personal summary of the levels of consciousness from the book Power vs Force by David R Hawkins. He based his entire book on calibrations measured with muscle tests via kinesiology. He created a scale from 1 to 1000. Humans stretch between the level 20 to 1000. Level 20 represents the most miserable state a human can experience and at level 1000 we have the consciousness of a Buddha. It is said that most humans calibrate on average below the critical point of 200, meaning they are in a life-destructive state of being most of the time. The average level of the human collective has recently popped just above 200 points. This is because the energy of 1 human in the higher level will balance out many who are below 200. Trying a muscle test with someone in a life destructive state won´t give you any usable information. Before I would have b ... 

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