Digital Transformation with Francesco Brenna

Customer Experience Goals with the CX Goalkeeper by Gregorio Uglioni

Episode notes

The CX Goalkeeper had the great opportunity to interview Francesco Brenna

LinkedIn Headline: Senior Partner & VP at IBM Consulting. AI & Analytics Leader EMEA. Global Leader Azure Data & AI


00:00 Game Start

00:39 Francesco's Introduction

02:32 Francesco's values

03:56 The acceleration of digital transformation

06:42 The "burning" topics

08:14 A lot of talking, but...

11:03 Agility - Business Agility and not only IT agility

13:31 Data, data and data

16:03 The skills war

19:05 The people leader suggestions

22:40 A great solution delivered

25:00 General purpose AI

28:21 The future

31:10 Book Suggestion

32.06 Contact Details

32:30 Francesco's Golden Nugget

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