Episode Twenty Three: Alannah Read and Lani Masuku

Cutting Through The Noise by Cutting Through The Noise

Episode notes

Meet Lani and Alannah and hear about the journey of texture inclusivity and how Ella and Jade salons are getting new staff knocking on their door and more clients by being a fully inclusive salon that can do all hair types.

Our first guest is Lani Masuku, founder of professional Afro-texture brand Organic SUKU, who understands that the future of haircare is texture inclusivity. She's passionate about supporting salon owners & stylists with the skillset and confidence to open their doors to the textured community.

Next guest is the Jade to Ella & Jade, Alannah is the Salon Director, and Creative Director for Organic Suku. Alannah’s ability to bring together and further train an award-winning team, is at the heart of Ella & Jade’s success. Having been on the floor of the family-owned salon since the age of 14 and having trav ... 

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