Cutting Through The Noise

by Cutting Through The Noise

Join Australian business women, Stephanie Mason, and Hayley Mears as they explore the new business landscape in a post-pandemic world. They will take a deep dive into the disruption and changes across digital marketing, the supply chain, the influence of culture in business and the latest news in tech.

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  • Episode Twenty Four: Hayley Mears & Stephanie Mason

    Episode Twenty Four: Hayley Mears & Stephanie Mason

    In the final podcast for 2023, Hayley and Steph explore the changing landscape and the observations of all things across the hairdressing industry. in addition to sharing their learnings and takeaways from the wide range of guests on Cutting Through the Noise, they also want to know what you want more of in 2024.Please share your thoughts and commentary on industry changes, supply chain, profitability, the shift to stylists working independently and the cultural changes and impacts we have experienced post-pandemic across mental health and wellbeing.Here are some resources we mentioned in the podcast.Previous episodes can be accessed here: you want to find the Joe Rogan AI episode featuring Sam Altman of ChatAi here is the link:

  • Episode Twenty Three: Alannah Read and Lani Masuku

    Episode Twenty Three: Alannah Read and Lani Masuku

    Meet Lani and Alannah and hear about the journey of texture inclusivity and how Ella and Jade salons are getting new staff knocking on their door and more clients by being a fully inclusive salon that can do all hair types.Our first guest is Lani Masuku, founder of professional Afro-texture brand Organic SUKU, who understands that the future of haircare is texture inclusivity. She's passionate about supporting salon owners & stylists with the skillset and confidence to open their doors to the textured community.Next guest is the Jade to Ella & Jade, Alannah is the Salon Director, and Creative Director for Organic Suku. Alannah’s ability to bring together and further train an award-winning team, is at the heart of Ella & Jade’s success. Having been on the floor of the family-owned salon since the age of 14 and having traveled and trained extensively outside of Australia since then, Alannah was in a unique position when she took over ownership of Ella & Jade. Inclusivity is at the core of everything that she does, this leading the brand to become one of Australia’s first texture inclusive hair hubs. Alannah’s passion is arming stylists with the fundamental skills and understanding for hair colour, so that no matter the canvas or the hair texture they’re confident to service the client. This in turn has strengthened the Ella & Jade brand as clients look to Ella & Jade as the team to help them on their hair journey, no matter the texture.

  • Episode Twenty Two: Rob Aubin and Hayden Brooks

    Episode Twenty Two: Rob Aubin and Hayden Brooks

    Unwritten is the brainchild of two Aussie business dudes with one bloody great idea - an idea that would empower a growing legion of unsung heroes, embrace the exiled, muscle up the underdogs… champion the Indies!Rob Aubin has worked in the hairdressing industry for more than 20 years, in software with Shortcuts Software and professional haircare in his family’s business distributing Matrix, La Biosthetique and Great Lengths, while simultaneously leading the education charge with Pivot Point.Hayden Brooks is an entrepreneurial problem solver - he spent two decades working with tradies and improving businesses in finance, property and construction. Both are Sydney-based mates, on a mission to help the Indie community to grow strong, successful solo businesses.

  • Episode Twenty One: Selina Tomasich

    Episode Twenty One: Selina Tomasich

    The Hair Aid story began in 2010 when founder and CEO, Selina Tomasich, was holidaying in the Philippines when she met two nuns living in Manila.Starting up a conversation with Sister Kate, a fellow Australian, and Sister Claudia from Canada, Selina heard about the Sisters' work with children abandoned on the streets of Manila whose parents were too poor to feed them.Hayley chats to Selina to unpack her story and identify how our industry can best support Selina and Hair Aid to create a positive impact in both our local community and the most impoverished parts of the world.Hair Aid InternationalHair Aid and its collective volunteers travel to developing countries and teach people living in poverty, the skill of haircutting. Once they've been trained, people can start their own micro business, cutting hair in their own communities, earning money. With money, they can support their families by buying fresh water and food, educate their children, and move into housing. Since 2014 more than 5,500 people have been trained.You can get involved in YOUR communitySecondly, we do Hair Aid Community Cuts. This is where volunteer hairdressers go along to a location in their own community and work with local groups that support people in need. Free hair cuts are gifted, providing dignity and respect and empowering them to take positive steps forward.Hair Aid Inc. is an Australian non-profit organisation that works globally to make a difference and create change by teaching people living in poverty the skill of haircutting.How you can get involved:

  • Episode Twenty: Stephanie Mason & Hayley Mears

    Episode Twenty: Stephanie Mason & Hayley Mears

    Stephanie and Hayley connect to look at why now is a time for INNOVATION. There have been so many big innovations in the industry over the last 20 years, from the introduction of ghd’s to the market, to OLAPLEX and now to AI as a consultation tool.The current industry shifts are still fluid with an urgent need for business owners to really look at the agility of their company structure and be flexible as they think about future plans. @stephaniemason@haylsmears@cuttingthroughthenoise.podcastWe want to know what topic you want us to cover next. What innovation needs to be discovered or what past concept can be explored. Please reach out to us on Instagram.