Episode Twenty One: Selina Tomasich

Cutting Through The Noise by Cutting Through The Noise

Episode notes

The Hair Aid story began in 2010 when founder and CEO, Selina Tomasich, was holidaying in the Philippines when she met two nuns living in Manila.

Starting up a conversation with Sister Kate, a fellow Australian, and Sister Claudia from Canada, Selina heard about the Sisters' work with children abandoned on the streets of Manila whose parents were too poor to feed them.

Hayley chats to Selina to unpack her story and identify how our industry can best support Selina and Hair Aid to create a positive impact in both our local community and the most impoverished parts of the world.

Hair Aid International

Hair Aid and its collective volunteers travel to developing countries and teach people living in poverty, the skill of haircutting. Once they've been trained, people can start their own micro business, cutting  ... 

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