How to Navigate Client Relationships | Creatives Grab Coffee 49

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Episode notes

On the latest episode of "Creatives Grab Coffee", we sat down for an eye-opening chat with Zach Yokum from Mileshko, a video production company based in Atlanta Georgia.

Get ready as we dive into contracts, pricing hacks, team dynamics, client relations, and why you might want to consider the retainer model.

Key Takeaways:

📜 Navigating Contracts: Understand contracts to protect your business and set clear client expectations.

💵 Pricing Strategies: A flexible, tiered pricing model can help manage your workflows.

👥 Well-Rounded Team: Multi-talented team members are the gears that keep the machine running smoothly.

🤝 Managing Client Expectations: Clear and open communication is the cornerstone of long-term relationships.

💼 The Retainer Model: Is it right for your business and your client. Identifying wh ... 

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