Strategize Your Niche | Creatives Grab Coffee 48

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Episode notes

This week, we welcome Stuart Edgeworth from Chuck Media. An Australia based video production company that focuses on Filming with Feeling. Stuart is our first guest from Australia 🇦🇺. In this episode, we cover the following and more: 🎯 Tailor your online presence to suit certain niches, while taking on a broad range of projects 🎯 Distinguishing types of projects, productions, and industries as a way of niching down(?) 🎬 🎯 Curate landing pages to funnel clients towards different showcases a fine balance of showcasing your work for certain projects without deterring other new opportunities 🎥 🎯 Growing pains as a rite of passage for entrepreneurship 💼 🎯Taking on annual passion projects to keep you enthused and excited ❤️🎉 SUBSCRIBE 🎧✅ and FOLLOW 📲 for more episodes!  ... 

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