Ep12 – Celebrating Season 1 Finale by popping Champagne with Amanda Reboul

Cream, eggs & Jam by Elise Pulbrook & Scott Bagnell

Episode notes

It's episode 12 and time to celebrate! Scotty and Elise simultaneously pop corks with champagne specialist Amanda Reboul, one of the most well researched individuals in Australia when it comes to champagne. Her French language skills have been an asset to developing working relationships in Champagne since the 90’s. Her French husband and relatives in northern France have also been critical to tying her to the infamous region.

SPOILER ALERT - Scotty and Elise chat about the MasterChef AU season finale before their champagne tasting with Amanda. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for another fun segment of show and tell, and a hint of a possible BONUS Episode 13.


The Widow Clicquot - The story of a Champagne empire and the woman who ruled it, by Tilar J Mazzeo

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