Cover to Cover with Matt Tarka

by Matt Tarka

A podcast featuring musical conversations about an album or song which has changed and enhanced someone’s life. 

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 82: Matt Wheeler (Musician)

    Episode 82: Matt Wheeler (Musician)

    Our guest today is one Matt Wheeler. The terms "troubadour", "poet with a guitar", & "stage banter-conversationalist" all describe Matt Wheeler's music & performance style well. Matt’s songwriting paints pictures with words. Matt ...

    Sep 07 2021
    Sep 07 2021
  • Episode 81: Keith Valcourt (Actor/Author)

    Episode 81: Keith Valcourt (Actor/Author)Explicit

    Our guest today is one Keith Valcourt. Keith is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp. He is also the co-author of the forthcoming autobiography of 1980's new wave singer Dale Bozzio titled "Life Is So S...

    Aug 24 2021
    Aug 24 2021
  • Episode 80: Mitch Easter (of Let's Active / Record Producer)

    Episode 80: Mitch Easter (of Let's Active / Record Producer)Explicit

    Our guest today is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. He is one Mitch Easter, legendary front man of the acclaimed Let's Active and record producer at the Drive-In and Fidelitorium Recordings. For our listeners who might be unfamiliar...

    Aug 10 2021
    Aug 10 2021
  • Episode 79: David "Vlad" Urban (Musician / Waking Lily)

    Episode 79: David "Vlad" Urban (Musician / Waking Lily)Explicit

    Our guest today is one David “Vlad” Urban - Vocalist, Guitarist, and keyboard player in the Shoegaze / Postpunk trio - Waking Lily. He is also a member of the Experimental Electronic Dirge Duo known as Filament Band.For our conver...

    Jul 27 2021
    Jul 27 2021
  • Episode 78: Derek Evry (Musician)

    Episode 78: Derek Evry (Musician) Explicit

    For today's episode we have a return guest, Mr. Derek Evry. Derek is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has gone on to front several successful rock bands in the D.C. area (1999-2006) before briefly attending the ...

    Jul 13 2021
    Jul 13 2021