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by LaToi Storr

A Blogcast from Lifestyle Blogger ToiTime. Discussing life's journey whether that is through failure or success. We all have a few things that we wished we could learn from the mistakes of the past and that is the journey we take. From motherhood, being a wife, dealing with anxiety, and everything else in between there's nothing held back. This a podcast for all. We will laugh, cry, and share the ups and downs together. Are  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Anxiety Flares


    Anxiety Flares


    If you experience anxiety you know it comes in waves. I also say that are like flares. So for me being in a new environment, new people, etc can make me feel a certain way. So I am aware of myself when these times happen. This week I had a flare at a media event and it wasn't pleasant. I do plan to go there and see if it was the location or just the people or me. Anxiety can be debilitating but also something you learn to manage over time. I work through my anxiety and don't allow it to stop me from living this life. .............................................................. Today is also National Cherry Pop day so for that today's drink is Cherry Pop Cocktail It's also National Get Checked Day which is an outcry for women or the women in your life to get their breast checked. It's important. ............................................ As always we are in the preps of Fall. So by the time I come back for season 7 of the podcast we will be in a new regiment. If you aren't in the preparations for Fall beyond decorations with vitamins, etc please do that. ........................................... You can follow me on the blog or on social media as Toitimeblog

  • Paying for Prayer

    Paying for Prayer

    Today's podcast is sponsored by Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is a scoop wellness that allows you to absorb 75 quality vitamins and minerals regardless of your health needs. Athletic Greens is giving you a Free 1 year supply of immune supporting Vitamin D with 5 travel packs with your first purchase. Go to their site to take ownership over your health needs .... We paying to learn how to pray now? I am knocking Dr. Juanita Bynum's hustle in the least bit. At the end of the day those who can and want to will it's just just a NO for me on all front. Prayer is simple a form of communication to God. It doesn't need a formal lesson. ..... We stepping into the last quarter of the year so we are going to prepare for it in ways that honors us, our wallet, and more ........ Drink of the day is Top Dog Cocktails. They are your go to for all things made to drink cocktails that don't require anything but a hand to open the top. They are about 12.5 of alcohol volume per can. Don't sleep on them they will sneak up on you. You can have them delivered .... Follow me on social media as Toitiemblog and on the blog

  • Season 1

  • Get to Know Me

    Get to Know Me

    Failure is inevitable. We learn so much from speaking from the place of failure but not getting stuck. In this first episode we talk about what led me to blog and start a podcast and a few tidbits I learned along the way!

  • Mental Health Check In

    Mental Health Check In

    In Episode 2 we discuss the real of where I really am. We talk about mirrors in relationships; no entanglements. Also what about one way relationships? Does childhood trauma green light bad behavior?

  • What if they won't take the help?!

    What if they won't take the help?!

    Last episode we talked about mental health but what if they won't receive help? Who is responsible for personal mental help and happiness? Who's in charge? A happy wife is a happy life but what if the wife is just miserable?