How to Straddle Handstand

Coach Bachmann - Handstands, Flexibility & Calisthenics by Coach Bachmann

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There are plenty of spots where one can mess up when doing handstands. This can actually be quite fascinating. When everything is going well things are great but when there are small mistakes things can go south real fast and nothing works. It is essential to look at the handstand as a whole. Your entire body is a chain and only by manipulating the chain as 1 you will be able to truly succeed in your handstand practice.

Whilst most problems originate in the shoulders one big possible issue that can occur in your handstands is in your hips. More specifically the position of the hips and legs in the straddle handstand.

It is not easy. You want to open your legs wide enough to take advantage of them for balancing purposes. At the sa ... 

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