Coach Bachmann - Handstands, Flexibility & Calisthenics

by Coach Bachmann

Coach Bachmann is an internationally accomplished coach and stage performer who teaches Handstands, Flexibility and Bodyweight Fitness. The advice given here is based on years of personal experience combined with studies and expert opinions.

Podcast episodes

  • How to get Strong with Calisthenics

    How to get Strong with Calisthenics

    Strength development has been well researched, documented and tested. Very little is left to the imagination and generally speaking we know exactly how to go from being weak to being strong. To simplify hard work, nutrition and rest will allow your body to get stronger. Your body neither knows nor cares where the strength stimuli is coming from. It does not matter if you are pushing your body weight, dumbbells or a car. This episode is an exploration of how I've spend my life building strength with calisthenics, gymnastics based and bodyweight only exercises. I discuss how you can build true strength using calisthenics, how to adjust traditional weight lifting protocols to suit your style of training and what kind changes you can make to your training to maximize your gains.Coach Bachmann Social & WebsiteInstagram:

  • How to One Arm Handstand

    How to One Arm Handstand

    Stop Rotating out of your One Arm Handstand!How to do this is possibly the hottest question in the game at the moment. This and many more will be answered here today.Learn about Alignment, technique, progressions, risk for injuries, how to stay motivated the long term and how to plan your one arm handstand workouts into your existing training split.Free Customized Handstand Workout Bachmann Social & WebsiteInstagram:

  • Getting Started with Training Handstands at home

    Getting Started with Training Handstands at home

    Learn everything there is to know about getting started with handstands. From proper alignment, workout structure, overcoming limiting points and dealing with training from home truly no question is left unanswered in this episode of "Handstands & the Rest". Click on the link below to request your free 5 day Intro to Handstands workout sequence.Free Weeklong Intro to Handstands Series Coach Bachmann Social & Website Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Website:

  • How to get Flexible

    How to get Flexible this episode I provide an intro to How Flexibility training will help you improve your athletic performance, quality of life and overall well being. I explain in simple terms what flexibility depends on, which individual limiting points one might encounter and how your body changes and adapts to flexibility training before giving precise and conclusive information on how you can make the most out of every single flexibility session. The goal is to provide you with a wider understanding to how you can stretch goal specific and what exactly you should be doing to train more efficiently.Check out the full blog post on my website for enhanced visual explanation and a free, customized, 2 day workout.

  • Make Your Flexibility Training 12% more effective

    Make Your Flexibility Training 12% more effective

    Learn the 7 practical and easy steps to make your flexibility training more efficient! Plenty of research proves over and over again that a strong mind muscle connection and focused training can increase muscle growth and strength gains by up to 12%. Whilst I am lacking precise research, I can guarantee you from personal experience that it is exactly the same with flexibility. Possibly even more so! Often when we think about increasing our range of motion we think of a daily post workout stretch or maybe a quick session before our actual training but improving flexibility is so much more. Increase your useable range of motion will require focus, a precise plan and patience to the point that some might even call you stubborn. Getting the most out of your flexibility training is easier than you might think. Whilst you most likely won't see instant results I challenge you to trust me on this one and invest 3 month of your life. I promise you, the results will leave you stunned!