S02 E08 - Episode 8: Selika Josiah Talbott

The #CitiesFirst Podcast by Scott Shepard
A first in many spaces Selika Josiah Talbott is known by her colleagues as an influential agent for positive change who leads with confidence and approaches the most difficult and complex challenges with perseverance and a commitment to success. As the Founder and CEO of Autonomous Vehicle Consulting Selika is a leading industry voice for  ...  See more
Mar 14 2023

All right. Welcome, everyone. My name is Scott Shepherd, and I'm the host and founder of the
City's First podcast. We're really excited today to have Salika Josiah Talbot, who is
an industry leader in autonomy, electrification, as well as all things related to future mobility.
And it's a real pleasure to have you here today. Thanks for joining us.
Thank you for having me. Good morning, Scott.
Yeah, this is a real pleasure. And I know we're kind of multiple times on here. So I'm here in
Lisbon, Portugal, and you're in my hometown of Los Angeles, but we're able to make it work. So
that's kind of the beauty of our podcast and the reach of our audience. So we're really starting
to kind of bridge the gap in terms of, let's say, mobility innovation in the US, North America,
and here in Europe as

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