The #CitiesFirst Podcast

by Scott Shepard

New Podcast Series hosted by Scott Shepard, and focused on the intersection of Urbanism, Active Transportation, Shared Mobility, Decarbonization & AI

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Episode 16: Thijn van Helvoirt

    Episode 16: Thijn van Helvoirt

    Thijn is based in Amsterdam and is a Venture Capital Investor at No Such Ventures and is responsible for portfolio management, fundraising, LP relations, internal operations, deal making, and deal flow management. Thijn is also the Founder of Check and led efforts across the organization such as operations (local, central, markets, analytics, hardware, launch), corporate development and legal. Thijn also currently advises and invests in Dockler B.V. and other startups. He was previously VC at Ponooc and Associate M&A and Junior Associate Equity & Debt Capital Markets at Linklaters. Trained as an attorney, Thijn graduated with both a Master of Laws (LL.M.) cum laude in Corporate and Commercial Law and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the European Law School at Maastricht University.Here's a sneak peek into the upcoming episode, which will be all about the “Dutch Way” of investing in mobility: 🇳🇱🚲💰👇👇👇 ✅Why is the Netherlands (and Amsterdam in particular) such a dynamic ecosystem for mobility startups and investors? ✅Tell us about the “Dutch Way” of investing, and how the Triple Helix model of public/private/academic collaboration factors in? ✅What can founders learn from the post-COVID city, and refine their pitches to align with impactful mobility use cases? ✅How can cities more effectively align sustainable mobility plans (SUMPs) with private sector innovation and investment? ✅Tell us about No Such Ventures and your “No BS”, democratic approach to investing in EU startups?

  • Season 2

  • Episode 15: Andrea Learned

    Episode 15: Andrea Learned

    Andrea Learned is the Founder of LEARNED ON, LLC. She is a sustainability-focused writer and communications strategist specializing in digital thought leadership. Her early career success in marketing to women, culminating with the publishing of her book, Don’t Think Pink, gives her current sustainability and leadership work an underlying gender lens as well. After a year serving as a We Mean Business Coalition social engagement strategist around COP21, Andrea has returned to her independent consultancy, and is back to leveraging her networks and guiding clients to leadership platforms for a carbon footprint-countering, positive collective impact. Here's a sneak peek into the episode, which is all about sustainability: 👇👇 ✅What are key strategies that cities can put in place to encourage active transportation? ✅How has Seattle positioned itself as a leader in shared mobility and tactical urbanism? ✅What are the main factors that reinforce the role of mobility as an urban change agent? ✅How can communities create safe and empowering public spaces for women? ✅Tell us about Learned On and your book Don't Think Pink

  • Episode 14: Daniel Casas Valle

    Episode 14: Daniel Casas Valle

    Daniel is Founder & Owner of Urban Dynamics - design | planning | research | reflection (Porto and Amsterdam) and Director of the Future Design of Street - association, a platform for street design - improving streets as a social, natural and mobility space. Daniel works as an urban designer, planner and researcher at several spatial and urban assignments, projects studies, this from the level of a street to regional planning. Daniel has a PhD in Architecture – Dynamics and Urban Forms (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto) and a Master in Urbanism (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten), and since 2002 has been a guest professor at several universities in Portugal and the Netherlands, among other European universities.Here's a sneak peek into the episode, which is all about urbanism: 👇👇👇✅How can superblocks help cities reclaim public space for people?✅What are the best recent examples of tactical urbanism in Portugal?✅Can the 15 minute city become a viable alternative to auto-centricity?✅How has urbanism shifted post-COVID, and what are the impacts on cities?✅Tell us about your work with the Future Design of Streets association and bookUrban Dynamics:www.urbandynamics.infoThe Future Design of Streets:

  • Episode 13: Jerome Horne

    Episode 13: Jerome Horne

    Jerome's vast industry expertise include leading TransitCenter's strategies around increasing representative leadership and inclusive decision-making in the transportation field, change that is essential to advancing TransitCenter’s mission to improve transit in ways that make our cities more just and sustainable. Prior to that, Jerome was with IndyGo and Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, where he worked in roles concentrating on proactive community engagement and the rider experience of using transit.Recognized for his passion and dedication to the industry, Jerome was recently named a Mass Transit magazine 40 Under 40 honoree in 2020 and an American Public Transportation Association Emerging Leader Class of 2022 member. Jerome is the founder and previous Board Chair for the Young Professionals in Transportation International (YPT) Indianapolis chapter as well as Deputy Director of Communications for Young Professionals in Transportation International from 2018-2020. He has also served as a Transit Cooperative Research Program - TCRP Ambassador from 2018 - 2020.Here's a sneak peek into the episode, which will is all about public transit: 👇👇👇✅How can we avoid the transit fiscal cliff?✅Is fare free the silver bullet to address equity?✅What's the current state of fleet electrification?✅How can higher frequency strengthen networks?✅Do microtransit services pencil out?

  • Episode 12: Alex Mitchell

    Episode 12: Alex Mitchell

    Alex is Founder and Managing Director at Full Turn Capital, where he invests in early-stage companies innovating at the intersection of cleantech and mobility. Previously, Alex was the SVP of Market transformation at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), where he oversaw LACI's technical priorities, multi-stakeholder programs and initial pilots and deployments. He joined LACI from Groupe PSA in Paris where he was VP of Corporate Strategy, co-leading the company’s acquisition of Opel from General Motors and leading the company's work on autonomous mobility. Previously he haded the automotive automotive industry vertical at the World Economic Forum, with a focus on autonomous mobility. Alex has also served VP of retail sales at an LA-based EV startup CODA Automotive, Inc., and worked at Toyota Motor Europe and McKinsey & Company. Here's a sneak peek into the episode, which is all about Los Angeles: 👇👇👇 ✅Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the dismantling of the Pacific Electric railcar system ✅Watts Uprising - how a community that had been one of the prime nodes of the Pacific Electric railcar system rioted, but kept the rail station intact, a telling reminder of the importance of mobility in people's lives ✅1984 Olympics - LA created a bus rapid transit system and changed commute patterns! ✅Why LA might be the 2nd city in the US to have congestion pricing! ✅How the 2028 Olympics are a nice to have in the existing plan to build a functioning metro system