S02 E06 - Episode 6: Ryan Russo

The #CitiesFirst Podcast by Scott Shepard
Ryan Russo is Principal at Together Projects, LLC. Widely recognized as an urban innovator, Ryan most recently served as the first Director of the Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT), where he led the new agency through its inaugural five years of operation.Under Ryan's leadership, OakDOT quickly became a national model for inco  ...  See more
Jan 23 2023

Welcome, everyone. This is Scott Shepard, and I am the host and founder of the City's
First podcast. And the City's First podcast, we are really excited to have Ryan Russo here
to kick off our second season of the podcast. So this is, I think, our sixth episode. And
we're just kicking off 2023 right with a real kind of innovator and thought leader at the
municipal as well as public sector level in active transportation, all matters related to
urbanism. So thank you, Ryan, for joining us. We're really pleased to have you here today.
And it's great to be on, Scott. I appreciate the invitation.
I appreciate it. Thanks. So I just want to give everyone a bit of a bio on Ryan and kind of his
importance in the ecosystem in the sector. And then we'll just kind of get started with our
usual round o

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