S01 E16 - What are the constants in your life?

It's Chiiiiiii Time!!! by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

We all need constants in life, Constant anchors our Chi!

Jan 06 2023

It’s Chiiiiiii Time! I’m your host Silvia, The Chi Whisperer.

Welcome to episode 16: What are the constants in your life?

Solving math equations involves constant and variable. Constant stays the same, whereas variable changes. Solving life also has constant, and variable. At times constant can become variable and variable can become constant. Time is a variable, but the new year keeps coming, and never stops coming; hence, having a new year becomes a constant.

The constants in our life matter. They can either root our chi and support strong chi flow that brings good health, strength, well-ness and prosperity. Or they can cause our chi to flow all over the place that is destructive to us in all aspects. They refine the kind of life we live and the kind of person we are.

Life constants

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