It's Chiiiiiii Time!!!

by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

This podcast is about connecting and working with Chi energy (the universal energy). The main focus is on the impacts of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as internal and external influences on our Chi, in turn, our health and wellness, for transformation, healing and connecting with being you! If you have a topic about chi that you would like me to cover, please contact me at

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Emotional support fosters harmony.

    Emotional support fosters harmony.

    Communicate when emotional support is ready to be received and given; that’s when our Chi connects and harmony is created.

  • Constructive optimism!

    Constructive optimism!

    Constructive optimism is much better than multivitamin pills for Chi and health. By focusing on doing what we do well and hoping for the best, we can get through tough times with much less unnecessary stress.

  • Humbleness: a problematic virtue for Chi and marketing.

    Humbleness: a problematic virtue for Chi and marketing.

    Showing up, serving, and helping others, no matter who they are, is the true spirit of humbleness.

  • Validation game.

    Validation game.

    We play validation games because we want to be loved. The ultimate validation is feeling loved unconditionally.

  • Heartbreak and pain.

    Heartbreak and pain.

    Persist emotional pain, such as heartbreak, ruins our heart.