S01 E06 - Judging and Kindness, where do they take us?, Part 2

It's Chiiiiiii Time!!! by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

Judging is the target practice for connecting with Chi.

Kindness keeps the Chi in our hearts active!

Oct 07 2022

It’s Chiiiiiii Time. I’m your host Silvia, The Chi Whisperer.

Welcome to episode 6: “Judging and kindness, where do they take us? Part2”
Detecting, connecting and directing chi take practice to master. Judging is the target practice of connecting with chi! Judging concludes our understanding from connecting the dots. Judging takes place in our brain. It’s our brain telling our chi where we stand.

When we judge in a generalized way, it turns into condemning. Generalized judging is not connecting the relevant dots. In most cases, it just connects available dots. In other words, condemning is a lack of exercising real judgement. Then what is judgmental? Judgmental comes from frequent condemning.

One example of condemning, generalized judging, can be: This person lied; therefore, this perso

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