S01 E01 - What is Chi?

It's Chiiiiiii Time!!! by Silvia, the Chi whisperer

What is Chi? It's the quantum of the existence of the universe. - Vivalachi

Sep 02 2022

It’s Chiiiiiii Time podcast

This is Silvia, the chi whisperer!

What is chi? Chi is the quantum of the existence of the universe. Before one can appreciate this definition, I do need to explain about the definition of quantum. The definition of quantum is that quantum is the smallest distinctive unit of a phenomenon. Therefore, chi is the smallest unit of our existence. It is the foundation of the universe.

The existence of chi is the existence of our universe. chi is everywhere in everything and it doesn’t matter if we can feel it , or know it, believe it or not, its just there. Chi is not a religion or a philosophy, Chi just is.

Why should anyone care about chi? I care about chi because I care about my existence and our existence. When we care about something, we can make a choice ab

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