It's Happening Again! 2020 is Repeating in 2024! @JosephZ

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Episode notes

Joseph Z reveals insights into 2024, a 'do-over' year echoing the challenges of 2020.

He shares the vision he received in September 2023 about events in Las Vegas, including a cyber breach and Israel marching against its enemies. He believes the word "what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas" indicates more is to come related to recent shootings.

He also delves into Joseph's prophetic insights about the Kansas City Chiefs winning back-to-back Super Bowls, seeing it as a sign of a "do-over" year. Joseph warns of new characters emerging later in 2023 that will impact the current political landscape and economy.

Joseph's foresees Donald Trump remaining a factor in the 2024 election and attempts to supplement or replace President Biden that may not go as planned.

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