Revealing the Answers: Bible Questions Demystified by Alex McFarland

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Episode notes

Welcome to an enlightening conversation with Alex McFarland, an esteemed speaker, author, and staunch advocate for Christian apologetics. Join us for an in-depth discussion about his latest collaborative work, "100 Bible Questions and Answers for Families".

In this compelling book, Alex McFarland delves into a myriad of complex questions that often challenge our understanding of God, the Bible, and Christian living. Through the lens of Scripture, they fearlessly tackle controversial and culturally relevant issues, guiding readers toward a deeper comprehension of faith and biblical wisdom.

Throughout the interview, Alex and Bert impart invaluable insights, encouraging viewers to explore the heart behind these questions, weigh the evidence, and fortify their faith. Highlighted are diverse topics ranging from inquiries about the Bible, G ... 

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