Ancient Hebrew Curse Reveals True Name of God! - Archaeologist Scott Stripling finds Curse Tablet

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Episode notes

For Scott Stripling, one archaeologist’s trash has become his treasure. And through a process called wet sifting—a methodological revolution bring to light small or hidden artifacts that were previously missed at many archaeological digs—Stripling and his team have made an incredible discovery on Mount Ebal in the mountains of Samaria in Israel that could very well be one of the most significant finds in biblical history. Stripling, the Director of Excavations for the Associates for Biblical Research  @DiggingForTruth  and his team traveled to #MountEbal, about 50 miles north of Jerusalem, for a dig at the altar described in Joshua 8:30: “Then Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel on Mount Ebal, as Moses commanded the children of Israel.” I ... 

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