"Designed to Heal" with Ben Rall Dc

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Episode notes

Get to know Dr. Ben Rall - author of "Designed To Heal" - Charisma Connection God still heals—and we are divinely designed to heal. The Scriptures address healing from the beginning to the end! God created us with a divine purpose and continues to provide everything we need for health and wholeness. However, the enemy desires to destroy this truth. Using fear, lies, and propaganda, Satan attempts to trick us into believing we are not designed to heal. In Designed To Heal, Dr. Ben Rall refutes these lies and provides daily inspiration, revelation, and action steps that will guide and encourage readers along their healing and wellness journey. Readers will discover:

 What the Bible has to say regarding wellness

 Amazing and encouraging facts and statistics about healing

 Daily action steps and questions for deeper reflection ... 

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