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  • Evangel University Voices: Women in Leadership With Dr. Carol Taylor (Part 1) - repost

    Evangel University Voices: Women in Leadership With Dr. Carol Taylor (Part 1) - repost

    Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, upholds high academic values while combining Christian faith with every aspect of life. In this first of seven episodes in the "Evangel University Voices" series, the university's outgoing president, Dr. Carol Taylor, talks with host Chris Johnson about the unfolding of her career path, which has spanned 45 years. She also shares what God is doing among students now in the Evangel community and looks to the future of Christian higher education. She is inspired by Evangel students' "willingness to learn" and "heart to serve."

  • The Lord's Prayer - RT Kendall

    The Lord's Prayer - RT Kendall

    How can we know God's will if we don't pray His prayer? No prayer is better known-or more misunderstood-than the prayer Jesus provided in His Sermon on the Mount. The words, though simple, can transform the way Christians pray and live. With remarkable insight, wisdom, and depth, respected theologian R. T. Kendall uncovers the transforming truths contained within each line of this familiar prayer, including the following: When and why to pray the Lord's Prayer How to know and pray the will of God How unanswered prayer can be a sign of God's favor How the Lord's Prayer can be misused Why we should pray at all This book will give readers not only a model for prayer but also a revolutionary way to pray effectively while drawing closer to the Father. After reading this book, you will understand the intricacies of the Lord's Prayer and how it was designed to powerfully affect your relationship with the heavenly Father. Get Your Copy:

  • "Designed to Heal" with Ben Rall Dc

    "Designed to Heal" with Ben Rall Dc

    Get to know Dr. Ben Rall - author of "Designed To Heal" - Charisma Connection God still heals—and we are divinely designed to heal. The Scriptures address healing from the beginning to the end! God created us with a divine purpose and continues to provide everything we need for health and wholeness. However, the enemy desires to destroy this truth. Using fear, lies, and propaganda, Satan attempts to trick us into believing we are not designed to heal. In Designed To Heal, Dr. Ben Rall refutes these lies and provides daily inspiration, revelation, and action steps that will guide and encourage readers along their healing and wellness journey. Readers will discover:  What the Bible has to say regarding wellness  Amazing and encouraging facts and statistics about healing  Daily action steps and questions for deeper reflection  Testimonials from patients who have experienced health victories God designed our bodies to heal. With all the confusion surrounding health, this book offers readers insight and real‐world action steps to break free of fear and discouragement and improve their health today! Get your copy:

  • Billy Graham: The Man I Knew with Greg Laurie

    Billy Graham: The Man I Knew with Greg Laurie

    Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, shares stories of Billy Graham and how he changed the world for Christ from Laurie's new book "Billy Graham: The Man I Knew."

  • Fire From Heaven with Shane W. Roessiger

    Fire From Heaven with Shane W. Roessiger

    Shane W. Roessiger, the founder of H.O.T. House of Truth Apostolic Center, reveals how it is time for followers of Christ to return to the altar to be refined by the fire. Listen as he returns to Charisma Connection to talk about his new book "Fire From Heaven." Learn God wants to use the Holy Spirit through you to orchestrate change in the church. Download Shane's latest books free of charge: