S01 E02 - Recommendations for New Home Construction

Cardinal Corner by Cardinal Home Center
To start our first series, we talked to Matt Utz, our Madison store manager. With an extensive background in home construction and nearly 20 years working with contractors and homeowners at Cardinal Home Center, Matt has seen it all. This episode dives into some of the most common questions we see from homeowners preparing to build custom  ...  See more
Nov 08 2022

Welcome back to Cardinal Corner, a podcast created by Cardinal Home Center. I'm your host, Maggie Glass. On this episode, we'll be talking with Madison store manager Matt Oot about some of his recommendations for when you are preparing to build a new home. Can you tell me briefly how long you have been working for Cardinal and what you do here? Thank you, Maggie. I've been working at Cardinal for 20 years, and I'm currently Madison store manager, and I basically oversee the operations, daily operations, customer experiences, overall performance of the store. Alright, let's get into it. Should I pick a builder before picking a plan? I would think it's always better to have the plan picked out first. The more you can decide and know what you want to have, the better. I let my wife pick out e

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