S01 E01 - How to Pick the Best Color for your Space

Cardinal Corner by Cardinal Home Center
On this first episode of Cardinal Corner, our host Maggie Glass talks with Michael Freeman, a Benjamin Moore paint salesman at our Crozet location. We talked with Michael about how to begin choosing a color, items to consider when painting, and how to ensure you get the best result for your space. For episode notes and more information, v  ...  See more
Oct 18 2022

Welcome to Cardinal Corner, a podcast created by Cardinal Home Center. I'm your host, Maggie Glass.

Today we're going to be discussing how to find the right paint colors for your space. I'm joined with paint expert Michael Freeman. Thanks for joining us today.

You're welcome. Good to be here.

And can you tell me briefly how long you been working for Cardinal and what you do here?

I've been with Cardinal Home Center for about 14 years and I am a paint salesman, and we deal with Benjamin Moore paint, as well as some PPG, ProLuxe, and another variety of products. I also do a little bit in flooring and wallpaper, but mainly wall coverings as far as paint goes.

All right, and let's just start with the basics. How do I even begin choosing a paint color from all the colors that are out there

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