#80: Kidnapped: Barbara Jane Mackle, Strange science: Lake Nyos, and the Just Off the Lake Cocktail

Brutal, bizarre, and boozy podcast by Jane and Deklan

Episode notes

This week Jane tells us about the kidnapping of 20 year old, Barbara Jane Mackle. She was kidnapped for ransom by escaped prisoner, Gary Krist, and his girlfriend, Ruth Schier. Not only was Barbara kidnapped but she was buried alive. Krist was caught a couple of days after the kidnapping but Schier managed to stay on the run for months. She was the first female ever to be added to the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. Eventually both of the kidnappers went to jail and Barbara went on to live a good life.

Deklan tells us about Lake Nyos in Cameroon. The beautiful lake has some strange science forming in the depths of it’s waters, with gasses building up at the bottom of the lake. One fateful day in 1986, the gas exploded from the bottom of the lake and killed thousands of people and livestock. Forcing scientists to make some interesting efforts to  ... 

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