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by Jessie Wallaker

Jessie Wallaker is your off-brand coach and creator of the RCK SLD GYM Method, focused on creating your dream life now, being worthy of it without having done "enough", and healing your relationship with food, fitness and success in the process. Here she'll dump her experience and help you move through this change in the Brain Dump Diaries. From having dreams of working in the NFL as an Athletic Trainer, reaching out to head tr ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • #124- Why You Struggle with Consistency and Life Update!

    #124- Why You Struggle with Consistency and Life Update!

    I'm back! I've put this off a little too long (like 3 weeks too long) but I'm here! Life had a few changes for me, and I share about that a bit and why/how I'm doing to get back. And more importantly, how to help YOU create that change as well. If you're feeling stuck, fell off track or wondering why you keep doing this thing called "healthy living", stay tuned! I also have a NEW free mini course on how to Beat The Plateau in 30 Days Or Less I would love for you to check out! Send me a message on Instagram with the word "STRONG" or click the link below: I can't wait to keep sharing and hope you'll keep coming back, as long as I do! ;)

  • #123- How To Get Rid Of Cravings

    #123- How To Get Rid Of Cravings

    It is no longer putting a band aid over a scar that keeps popping open. Adding protein to sweet cravings and coming up with other morphed and restrictive tendencies towards both your food and fitness. It's time to really dive into why you have these cravings, what they mean, create a baseline and plan to work through, and have more knowledge about yourself and what best to do. If you're ready for that next step, check out my FREE Cutting Cravings In 3 Days training: And from there, we can find the best fit for you!

  • #122- Why You Can't Lose Weight Where You Want

    #122- Why You Can't Lose Weight Where You Want

    There are many reasons why you can't lose weight in the specific areas that you want. Could be genetics holds weight there or some underlying medical reasons are preventing it. But today I'm going to break down how to work through this, reframe it and start to see results you were or weren't looking for. A lot of it has to do with stress, and that's no longer a good excuse to use. So stay tuned! And if you're ready to deeper work into this, check out all the free and paid content I have at:

  • #121- Healthy Eating And Family Gatherings

    #121- Healthy Eating And Family Gatherings

    Food, family and memories tend to all go hand in hand. And if you have a bad relationship with food, no control, fear, etc., it can really taint those memories. But it doesn't have to! If you're ready to change that perspective, while still seeing progress in the gym, body and goals, stay tuned! And when you're ready for more support in the journey, check out what would work best for you here:

  • #120- Benefits Of Rest Days

    #120- Benefits Of Rest Days

    Do you struggle with taking time off? Do you always feel you need to be at the gym and training hard? That if you don't, things will start to fall apart? Then listen in! Rest days are good, and the mindset you have around them will help with the change. If you're looking for more support in this change, check out my free and paid content here: