Unlocking Creative Potential: The Power of Gamifying Your Artistic Practice featuring Jessica Joy London

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

On this episode of the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast we dive into the world of unlocking creative potential through the power of gamifying your artistic process. Our guest, Jessica Joy London, an accomplished artist known for her unique approach to creativity, takes us on a journey through her personal experiences and insights.

In this captivating conversation, Jessica shares a poignant story about her recent artistic endeavor. She recounts the moment when she returned to a piece she had previously considered finished, only to feel compelled to add more to it. She describes the self-judgment and doubt that arose as she questioned whether she had ruined her creation.

However, Jessica reveals an essential aspect of her artistic process. She explains that making what she initially deems to be a mistake is an integral ... 

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