When Your Back-Up Plan Becomes The Plan featuring Ekaterina Popova

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

Join TJ and Ekaterina Popova on the BCC Podcast as they explore the power of pursuing dreams, embracing uncertainty, and charting your own course.

Discover how life can transform back-up plans into the very plans meant to be pursued. Through personal anecdotes, TJ and Kat share how taking risks and breaking free from expectations leads to extraordinary outcomes.

Ekaterina's artistic journey challenges sticking to a predetermined path, highlighting the importance of living authentically. Gain practical advice from their experiences as creatives and entrepreneurs, and tap into your passions to explore new avenues.

Learn invaluable lessons and overcome self-doubt. Embrace uncertainty, the unknown, and the potential of failure with actionable strategies. Cultivate a mindset that celebrates creativity, embraces risks, and follows you ... 

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