How To Build Lasting Relationships That Inform, Inspire and Activate Your Audience Featuring Tiff Ng

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

This week on the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast we're talking Social Media and visibility with Tiff Ng from The Social Story.The first step for anyone, artists included, wanting to grow on social media is to understand for themselves "why social?" That "why" is going to underpin all of your content decisions. Increasingly artists are moving to social platforms to promote, sell, and showcase their work - but there's more to be done in the social space than simply posting images and video of your projects. Tiff and I talk about how to leverage the power of relationships on social media to tell your story and inspire your audience along the way.

Tiff & The Social Story have a free workbook available for listeners of the podcast to help you unlock your wider story and how to communicate that on social.

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