MonkeyBoys Unveiled: Peeking Behind the Puppetry Curtain featuring Marc Petrosino & Michael Latini

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

On this episode, listen to my conversation with the talented duo behind MonkeyBoys Productions, Marc Petrosino and Michael Latini. These Emmy-nominated puppetry masters and co-founders of MonkeyBoys share their incredible journey through the world of puppetry, creativity, and creative business ownership.

🚀 Discover the importance of understanding and fighting for your creative worth, even in the early stages of your career.

🚀 Learn how to strike the balance between taking calculated risks and securing fair compensation for your artistic talents.

🚀 Uncover the power of strategic investments in your own development, as MonkeyBoys reveal their approach to hands-on learning and innovation.

🚀 Explore real-world examples of how embracing opportunities for growth can lead to more significant doors opening in your creative car ... 

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