From Backyard to Main Stage: Finding Balance in the Creative Grind featuring Sam Gutman

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

On this episode, get ready to dive into a candid conversation about the creative journey, trusting the process, and finding your way in the world as a professional musician and creative.Sam opens up about the challenge of trusting that you are where you're supposed to be, and he and TJ discuss the burnout that many artists face when they rush into their careers without taking time to recharge.

Sam's story is a testament to the ups and downs of creative life. Just a few years ago, he contemplated leaving the world of music post-COVID, considering a shift towards tech. He shares his journey of self-discovery and how he came to realize the importance of balance and resilience in the pursuit of his passion.

Later in the episode, you’ll hear Sam's remarkable experience of co-founding a music festival – a topic that's sure to pique the inte ... 

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