Mirror, Mirror: The Power of Self-Connection & Your Network featuring Leslie Jespersen

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

On this episode of the BCC Podcast, you'll get to hear TJ's conversation with Leslie Jespersen! This convo will ignite your creativity and inspire personal growth. Leslie shares with us her journey of self-discovery, reinvention, and the power of finding your unique brand.As a creative entrepreneur, Leslie emphasizes the significance of building a supportive network. We'll hear about her monthly mastermind sessions, where creatives gather to uplift and motivate one another. In a world that often belittles our accomplishments, Leslie reminds us that what may seem trivial to us could be utterly transformative for someone else.The episode takes a heartfelt turn as Leslie opens up about her personal struggles and the turning points that led her to profound self-discovery. She recounts her journey from hitting rock bottom and battling ... 

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