The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% - Season 17 - Number 7

Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% by Bill Hartman

Episode notes
This weeks topics:
  1. Baseball pitcher with elbow pain
  2. Experience matters
  3. Hip range of motion/Dirty table tests
  4. Swinging a baseball bat/back pain
0:00 This Q&A is with Zach who is working with a baseball player with lateral elbow pain (aka tennis elbow). Zach is doing great work to resolve symptoms but his patient is still lacking full traditional elbow extension and feels weakness in his hand. We walk through how to address each element including how to visualize the position at the elbow. BTW, got an update from Zach and he nailed it with treatment and got back the elbow range of motion!13:03 This Q&A is with Cameron that ended up with an explanation of why you must be patient and recognize that you’re playing a long game in regard to your meaningful work. 

Consistency with your efforts over a long ti ... 
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