The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% - Season 17 - Number 6

Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% by Bill Hartman

Episode notes
This weeks topics: 0:00 Early vs. Late Hip External Rotation - Q&A is with Thenasis who had a question about hip external rotation measures. We lose and gain movement depending on context and pelvis orientation. This is a great review to help you understand hip ER.4:33 Clawed Toes - Q&A is with Manuel who is identifying a representation of a late propulsive foot behavior while the foot is on the ground. The result is often seen in the clawing of the toes. Here’s a description of how that happens.9:53 Turning a Right Oblique Orientation - Q&A is with Cameron who is working through the processs of promoting the left turn toward starting conditions for a Wide ISA archetype. Positioning, process, and foot cues will all provide an influence for a favorable outcome.22:32 Understanding Foot Contacts - Q&A is part 2 with Cameron with an assi ...   ...  Read more
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