The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% - Season 17 - Number 5

Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% by Bill Hartman

Episode notes
This weeks topics:
  1. Posterior shoulder impingement - This Q&A is with Ian who had a question regarding posterior shoulder pain/impingement (aka internal impingement). We discuss how this evolves relative to each of the Wide or Narrow ISA archetypes.
  2. Elbow pain and exercise selection - This Q&A is with Thanasis who is working with a client with some broad pain complaints but some very focal symptoms in her elbows. This gave us an opportunity to break down the low oblique and prone activities as well as discuss common compensations we’ll see as we attempt to put clients in optimal positions for exercise.
  3. Shin splints - 2 presentations - This Q&A is with Jordan who is working with two patients both with diagnoses of shin splint but with differing symptoms. Not all shin splints are created equal. Different symptoms are ... 
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