The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% - Season 17 - Number 4

Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% by Bill Hartman

Episode notes
The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16%Season 17 Number 4This weeks topics:
  1. Self-test Hip ER
  2. Knee pain
  3. Pelvic outlet structure/influences
The step-by-step Hooklying Cross Connect video is quite visual an up on my YouTube channel.0:00 This Q&A is with Anat who is working through the concept of reverse engineering movement in a Narrow ISA individual and is uncertain of which measures to attend to as changes take place. We also discuss how to self-test using a split squat.5:45 This Q&A is with Zach who is working with an offensive lineman in America football. Zach made a great call on an activity to restore knee movement that was lacking and most likely contributing to the athlete’s knee pain. We break down the knee orientation via some reproduction of symptoms and why he most likely got a good res ... 
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