The Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% - Season 17 - Number 8

Bill Hartman Podcast for The 16% by Bill Hartman

Episode notes
This weeks topics:0:00 This Q&A is with Alex who had a question regarding bony adaptations and using techniques to reduce compressed representation resulting in the late propulsive external rotation. This allowed us to talk through the reasoning as to why a mobilization may or may not be effective as the starting conditions will matter.07:52 This Q&A is with Thenasis who asked me about how I manage information and learning. I do it the hard way with notecards, paper, and fireboxes. I also use apps to a degree as so much information is electronic.15:01 This Q&A is with Alex who is work on improving a patient’s foot shape and had some questions about the results. This led us to discussing some strategies that may be helpful or hindering especially when it comes to using heel lifts at the wrong time when the leg appears to be short.29:12 Th ...   ...  Read more
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