The Better Band Podcast

by Branden Palomo

As a fan of Pearl Jam, Branden has searched, but he still can't find a Better Band... The Better Band Podcast is an all encompassing trip through every song in the Pearl Jam catalog, track-by-track with guest interviews & analysis. 

Podcast episodes

  • E183 - Hold On (S8.Ep24)

    E183 - Hold On (S8.Ep24)

    Hold On (S8.Ep24) Guest: Roche (WWDC 101.1 FM, the Jamily Matters Podcast: “Hold On” (written by Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder) was originally recorded during the VS (...

  • E182 - Hard To Imagine (S8.Ep23)

    E182 - Hard To Imagine (S8.Ep23)

    Hard To Imagine (S8.Ep23) *CW: Self Harm Guest: John Farrar (the Live On 4 Legs Podcast: “Hard To Imagine” (written by Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder) was originally recorded for both VS and VITALOGY, and...

  • E181 - U (S8.Ep22)

    E181 - U (S8.Ep22)

    U (S8.Ep22) Guest: Chris Davis “U” (written by Eddie Vedder) was originally released as a B Side on the Wishlist single in 1998 before an alternate mix was included on LOST DOGS. First time guest Chris Davis hops on the pod to dis...

  • E180 - Reach Down (S8.Ep21)

    E180 - Reach Down (S8.Ep21)

    Reach Down (S8.Ep21) Guest: Bob Remington “Reach Down” (a Temple Of The Dog cover, written by Chris Cornell) was performed live October 28, 2003 and released on the 2003 Fan Club Single. It’s Chris Cornell’s Birthday week (and Sto...

  • E179 - Alone (S8.Ep20)

    E179 - Alone (S8.Ep20)

    Alone (S8.Ep20) *CW: Suicide, Depression Guest: Debbie Hoeppner [Recorded via Skype, so the sound quality is a little lacking. Sorry-bcp] Alone (written by Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder) was recorded for TEN (which is the version...