The Better Band Podcast

by Branden Palomo

As a fan of Pearl Jam, Branden has searched, but he still can't find a Better Band... The Better Band Podcast is an all encompassing trip through every song in the Pearl Jam catalog, track-by-track with guest interviews & analysis. 

Podcast episodes

  • E178 - Intermission 4

    E178 - Intermission 4

    Intermission 4 I am not cool. And because of that, I know what is and isn’t cool… (Sort of inspired by a couple jokes on the comedy album “Okay, Gen-X” by Jen Kirkman: Support the National Network of Abor...

  • E177 - Better Band Bonus B-Side #3 (exerpt)

    E177 - Better Band Bonus B-Side #3 (exerpt)

    Here’s a sample of the Bonus Episode that my supporters on Ko-fi & Patreon are getting this week. If you would like to hear more from this and ALL past bonus episodes, then all it takes is just a dollar or two to my Patreon or Ko-...

  • E176 - Sweet Lew (S8.Ep19)

    E176 - Sweet Lew (S8.Ep19)

    Sweet Lew (S8.Ep19) Guest: Alex Hoggard Sweet Lew (written by Jeff Ament) was recorded during the sessions for BINAURAL, but not released until LOST DOGS. Alex and I go over another one of Pearl Jam’s basketball songs, along with ...

  • E175 - Black, Red, Yellow (S8.Ep18)

    E175 - Black, Red, Yellow (S8.Ep18)

    Black, Red, Yellow (S8.Ep18) *CW: Suicide Guest: Chris Thomas (Arrowhead Kingdom CHIEFScast: Black, Red, Yellow (written by Ed Vedder) was originally release as the B ...

  • E174 - Whale Song (S8.Ep17)

    E174 - Whale Song (S8.Ep17)

    Whale Song (S8.Ep17) Guest: John Farrar from Live On 4 Legs Podcast ( Whale Song (written by Jack Irons) was originally released on the compilation “M.O.M.: Music for Our Mother Ocean, vol.3” in 1999. Later release...