The Better Band Podcast

by Branden Palomo

As a fan of Pearl Jam, Branden has searched, but he still can't find a Better Band... The Better Band Podcast is an all encompassing trip through every song in the Pearl Jam catalog, track-by-track with guest interviews & analysis. 

Podcast episodes

  • E188 - Photographer Tanya Kang

    E188 - Photographer Tanya Kang

    Tanya Kang ( has been photographing fans of Pearl Jam for 10 years, and is now putting together a book of those pictures along with some of their stories. We talk about her book, I Am Mine: Pe...

  • E187 - Author Steven Hyden

    E187 - Author Steven Hyden

    Steven Hyden (author of This Isn’t Happening, and host of the Indiecast podcast) joins the conversation this week to talk about his book Long Road: Pearl Jam and the Soundtrack of a Generation, authenticity, and Poochie the Rockin...

  • E186 - Bee Girl (S8.Ep27)

    E186 - Bee Girl (S8.Ep27)

    Bee Girl (S8.Ep27) Guest: Clare O’Leary “Bee Girl” (written by Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder) was originally recorded live during an appearance on Rockline in 1993. I spoke with Clare in February (WAY before the Dobbs decision took ...

  • E185 - Fatal (S8.Ep26)

    E185 - Fatal (S8.Ep26)

    Fatal (S8.Ep26) Guest: Randy Sobel (Live On 4 Legs Podcast: “Fatal” (written by Stone Gossard) was originally recorded during the BINAURAL sessions. Randy returns for the opening track on the 2nd disc to ...

  • E184 - Don't Gimme No Lip (S8.Ep25)

    E184 - Don't Gimme No Lip (S8.Ep25)

    Don’t Gimme No Lip (S8.Ep25) Guest: Frank Garcia-Hejl (The Smashing Pumpkast: “Don’t Gimme No Lip” (written by Stone Gossard) was originally recorded during the NO CODE sessions. If you tho...