The Better Band Podcast

by Branden Palomo

As a fan of Pearl Jam, Branden has searched, but he still can't find a Better Band... The Better Band Podcast is an all encompassing trip through every song in the Pearl Jam catalog, track-by-track with guest interviews & analysis. 

Podcast episodes

  • E191 - Intermission 5

    E191 - Intermission 5

    This is just a little scheduling note for how the next couple months of the podcast feed are going to look. November is mostly going to be dark, except for Bonus B-Side episodes popping up on Patreon and Ko-Fi throughout the month...

  • E190 - In The Moonlight (S8.Ep29)

    E190 - In The Moonlight (S8.Ep29)

    In The Moonlight (S8.Ep29) Guest: Kevin Lessard “In The Moonlight” (written by Matt Cameron) was originally recorded during the BINAURAL sessions, and was released on LOST DOGS. Break out the abacuses, because you can always count...

  • E189 - Undone (S8.Ep28)

    E189 - Undone (S8.Ep28)

    Undone (S8.Ep28) Guest: Bradley Piasecki “Undone” (written by Eddie Vedder) was originally recorded during the RIOT ACT sessions, and was released on the import single of “I Am Mine” before being included on LOST DOGS. Bradley Pia...

  • E188 - Photographer Tanya Kang

    E188 - Photographer Tanya Kang

    Tanya Kang ( has been photographing fans of Pearl Jam for 10 years, and is now putting together a book of those pictures along with some of their stories. We talk about her book, I Am Mine: Pe...

  • E187 - Author Steven Hyden

    E187 - Author Steven Hyden

    Steven Hyden (author of This Isn’t Happening, and host of the Indiecast podcast) joins the conversation this week to talk about his book Long Road: Pearl Jam and the Soundtrack of a Generation, authenticity, and Poochie the Rockin...