The Better Band Podcast

by Branden Palomo

As a fan of Pearl Jam, Branden has searched, but he still can't find a Better Band... The Better Band Podcast is an all encompassing trip through every song in the Pearl Jam catalog, track-by-track with guest interviews & analysis. 

Podcast episodes

  • E159 - Footsteps (S8.Ep7)

    E159 - Footsteps (S8.Ep7)

    Footsteps (S8.Ep7) CW: Addiction, Self-Harm Deb McMurtrey returns to talk about one of the earliest Pearl Jam songs — the finale of the Momma-Son Trilogy. Listen in on our discussion of “Footsteps,” poetry, and The Harmonica. Refe...

  • E158 - Hitchhiker (S8.Ep6)

    E158 - Hitchhiker (S8.Ep6)

    Hitchhiker (S8.Ep6) For some reason, I didn’t record myself right, so I am sorry for the quality. If you can get through it, though, I have Bryan Cohen on for the first time to talk LOST DOGS track, “Hitchhiker,” Radiohead, and ti...

  • E157 - Drifting (S8Ep5)

    E157 - Drifting (S8Ep5)

    Drifting (S8.Ep5) The most tangential of holiday songs is not a part of the holiday miniseries, unless we’re going by the Eastern Orthodox calendar. Join Kevin Lessard and I for a journey with this Lost Dog, “Drifting”… Reference:...

  • E156 - Someday At Christmas (S8.Ep4)

    E156 - Someday At Christmas (S8.Ep4)

    Someday At Christmas (S8.Ep4)For the month, we’ve had a holiday miniseries exploring Pearl Jam’s Christmas songs, and today, it comes to a close. Molly comes back to talk about the Motown classic, “Someday At Christmas,” authentic...

  • Season Eight Introduction: Lost Dogs

    Season Eight Introduction: Lost Dogs

    Season Eight Introduction: Lost DogsPearl Jam’s B-Side and Rarity compilation collection contains some of their best songs that leave most of us scratching our heads why they were left off proper albums.LOST DOGS on Apple Music: h...