Embrace Self-Love & Become Magnetic

Beautiful Healing - The Power of You by Elin Skjelbred

Episode notes

Today I want to share a really important topic for our life and well-being.

Love yourself. Deeply. Unconditionally.

Self-love is to remember who you truly are, dear divine creation, and what precious “once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event” you are, born in such a time as this to fulfill your unique role as a human being.

When you, your soul, start to remember who you are, when you start to love yourself and your life, you open up to a much deeper level of alignment and appreciation for the beautiful creation that you are, and your eyes open up to see everyone and everything around you as love, light, and abundance.

It’s like the still water of the lake that reflects all the beauty around it. So do you when the mind gets still, it will reflect the beauty of the true Self. and when that happens, you suddenly start seeing all the b ... 

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