Bearstone CountyExplicit

by Luke Mott

In the fictitious county of Bearstone, citizens must weather the calamity of existence, and the darkest reaches of humanity in this mountain gothic podcast.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Bonus

    S01 - Noenel Prologue

    S01 - Noenel Prologue Explicit

    A father and his son stumble upon the aftermath of a gruesome incident while on a hunting trip outside of Cedar Rock.Sound Effects: (attribution license)"Door, Front, Opening, A.wav" originally recorded by InspectorJ: https://free...

  • S01 E01 - Noenel Part 1

    S01 E01 - Noenel Part 1Explicit

    On his trek through the Rocky Mountains, Amos, a traveling salesman, discovers something in a nameless pond and will do anything to protect it, even commit murder.Written and narrated by Luke MottFeaturing:Luke Mott as Amos and Pa...

  • S01 E02 - Noenel Part 2

    S01 E02 - Noenel Part 2 Explicit

    After the events of the night before, Amos struggles to cope with the memories that have rattled loose in his mind while he makes his way to Cedar Rock for an impromptu funeral in this spell-binding conclusion.Written and narrated...

  • S01 E03 - Wind in the White Meadows

    S01 E03 - Wind in the White MeadowsExplicit

    A struggling young family arrives in Leyden, looking for a helping hand. What they find is a society hell-bent on their demise.Written by Luke MottNarrated by Rachel IrvinFeaturing:Rachel Irvin as IsabellaLuke Mott as Josiah and t...

  • S01 E04 - Trick of the Light Part 1

    S01 E04 - Trick of the Light Part 1Explicit

    Serial killer, Henry Kaan, attempts to cope with the bounds of his humanity while slipping through the growing cracks in his mind branching from his horrifying childhood.Written by Luke MottNarrated by Luke MottFeaturing:Luke Mott...