Episode notes

On his trek through the Rocky Mountains, Amos, a traveling salesman, discovers something in a nameless pond and will do anything to protect it, even commit murder.

Written and narrated by Luke Mott


Luke Mott as Amos and Pad-foot 1

Mietra Mott as Noenel

Judy Decker as the Mother

Vera Mott as the Little Girl

Kris Loerwald as Pad-foot 2

All musical themes, scores, and sound design by Luke Mott

The original story can be found at somniaticarts.com/bearstonecounty

Special thanks to all who support the podcast!

This podcast is a production of Somniatic Arts.

Sound Effects: (attribution licenses)

“Bodyfall 2 (Mixed)” originally recorded by EFlexMusic :

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