Episode notes

Welcome back everyone! How's life? I hope you are doing great!

In this mix I showcase a lot of new songs and also my newest release called Empty Streets, I hope you enjoy this mid summer (and the heat too hehe because I'm not) Here in Spain (south) is too hot, I'm melting every single day like an ice cream, can't wait for the cold weather again, and yes, before you ask I'm team cold.

That's it from my side, enjoy this Sunday (or any day you are reading this) and enjoy summer. Love you all 💕💕💕




0:00 Yoann Garel, Aphrow - Soul Reflection

1:37 jhfly - soil harmonics

2:40 Mo Anando - Oase

7:20 J.Folk - No Worries

9:12 xander., brillion. - Everlasting

12:52 mell-ø, Ambulo - Don't worry

15:03 Chau Sara - Tuktirey

16:43 Kainbeats, Akira Kosemura,  ... 

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