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Welcome to my chill podcast, a monthly podcast with the best tracks that are perfect for studying, working, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay! Twitter/Instagram: itsBamf

Podcast episodes

  • Season 6

  • I'll still be there - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    I'll still be there - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Welcome back everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you are doing great! I'm waiting in the queue for Helldivers 2, this game has absorbed me, I've had it since it came out and now it seems impossible to play, it's been a long time since I've had such a good time, it seems like I'm 14 years old again and enjoying a game. On the other hand I also bought Skull & Bones (from my point of view it's a little bit bad, I don't recommend it at its full price). I hope you enjoy this mix and remember, Super Earth needs you. Love you all! Farewell, Bamf Playlists: Discord: Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf Tracklist: 0:00 Oh, My., Flitz&Suppe - En Passant 2:11 Philanthrope - Home Sweet Home 5:55 Philanthrope, Kupla - D’Amore 8:22 Philanthrope - Blunts Pt. 2 10:10 Naguro - Djose Temple 11:55 No Spirit - Home 13:57 Chau Sara - Takemura 15:17 Lilac - Cosmic Rain 17:48 eugenio izzi, Mondo Loops - Reflect in the lake 20:13 Chau Sara - Saturn Beach 21:55 Dontcry, cxlt. - Forever Ago 24:20 Ambulo, mell-ø - Resilience 26:13 j’san - blanket 28:17 l’Outlander - Warm Country 30:24 Dontcry, Lenny Loops - i’ll still be there 33:14 S N U G - rolling 35:16 slowburn - Moonrise 37:08 cxlt., Dontcry - As Light Fades 39: 22 slowburn - Forest Floor

  • Best of 2023 - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Best of 2023 - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Happy New Year to all! You won't believe what happened, this mix actually had to come out on the 1st of January, when I prepared it and all that I had to do something urgent for a moment so I thought I hit the publish button. Just now I logged on to the platform to see if there was a comment or something and guess what it said in the top corner? "Draft: 1" when I clicked on it I saw that this episode was in the draft area. And that's the story, I'm sorry it took so long but, as they say, better late than never, right? In this mix I bring you the best of the year. I hope you enjoy it and see you in the next mix (which will be soon too). Love you all ❤️❤️ Farewell, Bamf. Tracklist: 0:00 Nymano - Summer Bump 1:22 twuan - Gon Be Alright 2:50 Hakone, Mujo - Happy Forest 4:29 Kalaido - Teahouse Spirits 8:04 Mo Anando - Oase 12:44 Yoann Garel, Aphrow - Soul Reflection 14:19 Kupla - Carousel 16:56 J.Folk - No Worries 18:46 Goson - Daylight 20:51 Stan Forebee, Inf - Maple Leaves 23:24 jhfly - soil harmonics 24:30 Knowmadic - Falling 26:28 Bamf - Joy 28:40 Natasha Ghosh, HM Surf - Nimbasa 31:30 mell-ø, Ambulo - Don’t worry 33:38 juniorodeo, Olin Jei - The Clearing 35:40 Blue Wednesday - Summer Rain 38:11 brillion., HM Surf - Nightcap 40:25 Yasumu, Nadav Cohen - Beneath The Surface 42:28 Sleepermane, Dontcry - Vertigo 44:25 So.Lo, Dosi - Blank Pages 46:32 Allem Iversom, Dontcry - Goodnight, Friend 48:48 Allem Iversom - Requiem 51:45 Dontcry, cxlt - Waking Up Playlists: Discord: Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf

  • Season 5

  • Family - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Family - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Welcome back! In this mix I bring you a lot of new songs, among them my most recent song called Ost. The year is coming to an end and with this mix we close the fifth season. I have one more mix to go but that's the yearmix. 5 years uploading monthly episodes and bringing you new music, it's said fast but if you think about it, it's a long time. As time goes by more and more people are listening to this show, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for all the support received during all this time, you are the best. I wish happy holidays to those of you who celebrate it and a full life. See you next time. Love you all ❤️❤️ Farewell, Bamf. Tracklist: 0:00 B-Side, Tesk - Palm Trees 2:13 Mr. Käfer - Turning Back 4:45 Lawrence Walther, Solar Body - Together 7:00 Yasumu - Midnight Stroll 9:28 Chau Sara - Na’Vi 11:13 Yasumu, Nadav Cohen - Beneath The Surface 13:16 Towerz, Spencer Hunt - Marshfield Hubble 15:45 Bamf - Ost 19:46 Pierson Booth - Motive 22:36 Lawrence Walther, Jason Masoud, Jeff Kaale - Wildflower 26:02 Purrple Cat - Twilight Maket 28:53 Shrimpnose, Allem Iversom, chief. - Snowed In 31:33 Casiio, No Spirit - Hideaway 33:19 eugenio izzi, Hoogway - Need to fly 36:00 slowburn - Overgrowth 38:05 Hevi - Family 40:47 xander. - Who Will Be There 43:45 eugenio izzi - Empty seats 46:25 Dontcry, after noon - to watch the sun set 48:41 cxlt. - Close To You 51:02 Lenny Loops, amlo - lost in a dream 53:40 Hoogway, HoKø - First Time We Met 56:30 Dontcry, Noflik - Tabouret Playlists: Discord: Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf

  • Joy - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Joy - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Hello everyone! In this new episode there are a lot of new songs (including mine called Joy), I hope you enjoy it. See you in the next episode, I love you all! Farewell, Bamf. Playlists: Discord: Contact: Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf Tracklist: 0:00 Smoke Trees, Lito Akari - Beach House 2:14 Phlocalyst - Ever Since 4:24 B-Side, Tesk, pnkcite - Light Air 6:49 Raimu - Light Rift 9:01 Chau Sara - Tawakami 10:44 takeo, juniorodeo - Time Zones, Pt.1 13:00 Kupla - Carousel 15:36 Mondo Loops, Aiguille - Dystopian Dream 18:06 Casiio - Winds 19:41 Raimu - Sunset Quest 21:51 Nvmb. - wilderness 23:50 Goson, So.Lo - Intricacies 26:19 eugenio izzi, mell-ø - Waiting for the train while it rains 28:24 Bamf - Joy 30:37 Sleepermane, Dontcry - Vertigo 32:31 slowburn - still there 34:26 Allem Iversom, Sleepermane - Drifting 36:31 Blue Wednesday - Summer Rain 39:03 Yasumu - Shelter 41:10 inertia., Nadav Cohen - ethereal 43:32 Dontcry, cxlt. - Waking Up

  • Fall 2023 - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Fall 2023 - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Hello! Finally I bring you a mix for fall, finally the season of wearing sweatshirts and sweaters on the street begins (I love it). I have received many emails asking me if I have Discord server, I have it but I do not use it, honestly because I have no time. I will put it in the description but I don't usually go there much. In this mix you will find all the new songs released during this month, I hope you can find a new favorite artist because there is a huge variety! That's all from me, enjoy this month and its holiday, see you next month, love you all! Farewell, Bamf. Tracklist: 0:00 Samwise, johto - bloom. [intro…] 1:05 Wun Two, Beats for Trees - Bush Pilot 2:29 BLUE STEEL, Cushy - The Bonfire 5:03 Skeptika - Mezzanine 6:07 U-WARRIOR Grmmr.126 - Blueberry Crunchy Pie 8:27 Leavv, dennisivnvc - Coast 10:21 twuan - Gon Be Alright 11:50 Mayaewk - Movements 13:35 Elijah Who - black coffee 14:45 Hakone, Mujo - Happy Forest 16:22 Aphrow - Lion Dance. 18:12 Tenno - Shukumei 21:26 Magnole, Mondo Loops - View From Above 23:06 Yasumu - Lakeside 25:08 Worldtraveller - Higher Consciousness 26:55 Tenno - Unmei 29:13 Tin., seeyouthere - Fallen 31:25 Chau Sara - Bridgehead 33:15 Krynoze, after noon - Come Home 35:26 Mondo Loops, Bcalm - The Passage Of Time 37:21 Casiio, Sleepermane - Out Of Hand 39:25 96 Zeus, Lenny Loops - we didn’t exist yesterday 41:49 stream_error, nrg - One Night 43:51 HM Surf, Natasha Ghosh, IMA - Nasim 46:15 softy, Dontcry - White Noise Playlists: Discord: Contact: Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf