Connecting the Dots with JASON BALDES

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Episode notes

On April 28, 2016 Congress passed the National Bison Legacy Act, which would lead to bison being named the US National Mammal. The Act recognizes the historical, cultural, and economic importance of bison, and how this species stands as a symbol of unity, resilience and healthy landscapes and communities. The bison is a prime example of the importance of promoting a balanced relationship between Humankind and Nature, which is one of our pillars at Azimuth World Foundation.

The near extinction of the bison in the 19th century is essential to understanding the history of the United States. In the intersection of the devastating past of the bison, and the hopeful future we can now envision for the species, lie the present efforts to conserve the bison and restore it to tribal lands. And so we couldn’t be happier to have Jason Baldes as our gue ... 

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