Forging Partnerships Between Startups and Big Companies

Austinpreneur by Capital Factory

Episode notes

In this episode of Austinpreneur, recorded live at Capital Factory House during SXSW® 2024, Nick Spiller sits down with Lisa Besserman, Managing Director & Head of Innovation at JPMorgan Chase. Lisa's journey is a incredible story of entrepreneurship and innovation, from founding Startup Buenos Aires to spearheading corporate incubators and now leading initiatives at one of the world's largest banks.

Lisa shares her experiences and insights garnered from her dynamic career, emphasizing the power of collaboration between startups and big corporations, especially in leveraging emerging technologies like AI. As one of the top influencers in tech, recognized by Business Insider and the Council of the Americas, Lisa's perspective on driving innovation at scale offers invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

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